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Frank Padilla is a San Diego native and third-generation barber. Frank has over 16 years of experience. His journeyman career has taken him to Maryland, New York, and finally back to southern California. After working in big shops for years He set out to create a space to deliver a unique tailor-made private experience. Frank being steeped in the barber culture his whole life understands that the culture is more than just flashy aesthetics it's about a consistent personalize service, engaging conversation, a discerning eye.


This is the shop for those who are looking for those looking for the best classic barbershop experience in San Diego. This is a shop for those tired of the same old kick you out of the chair as fast as possible shops. This is a shop for those tired of never having a barber understand what they're looking for. Step into the shop, relax and have confidence that you will be heard and taken care of in the safest environment possible.

Be smart and look smart. 




Frank has been cutting my hair for over two years, and I have never had a single complaint. He’s honest, hard working, and just a down-to-earth guy that is enjoyable to talk to.


Not only is his shop cozy and exactly what you'd want out of a barbershop but he himself is insanely friendly (but not disingenuously so) and skilled as the best. My hair came out exactly how I would have hoped for and I'm already looking forward to going back!


Ever since I’ve moved to San Diego I’ve had a tough time finding a barber shop that gives a real stylish cut. I can confidently say that this is no longer a problem for me!! Frank really takes his time on your hair, and you really are getting a salon style cut at barber shop price!

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